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Silvestrov : Silent Songs Agrandir l'image

Silvestrov : Silent Songs



Aleksey Martinov / Alexei Lubimov

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19,16 €

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Label :Megadisc Classics
EAN :5425006588409
Format :2 CD
Nombre du Support :2
Année édition :1998
Code Prix :UVM085
Date de Sortie :20/05/2022
Compositeur/Artiste Principal :Silvestrov

En savoir plus

Valentin Silvestrov (1937-*) : Silent Songs (Poetry Heals The Ailing Spirit - There Were Storms And Bad Weather - La Belle Dame Sans Merci - From "Autumn" - The Dream - What Is My Name To You? - I Will Tell You With Complete Directness - I Drink To The Health Of Mary - Winter Journey - White Gleams The Lonely Seal - I Met You! - The Isle - Indescribable Blue, Tender! - Autumn Song - Swamps And Marshes - Winter Evening - When The Yellowing Cornfield Stirs - I Go Out Alone On To The Road - The Mountain Summits - Verses Composed At Night, During Insomnia - God Has Taken All Away From Me In Punishment - It Is Time, My Friend - And Schubert On Water - Do Not Talk With Sorrow About The Dear Companions )

Aleksey Martinov, ténor / Alexei Lubimov, piano

Enregistré en présence du compositeur à la Maison de la radio de Moscou, novembre 2000.