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Clear or Cloudy, Chansons et madrigaux



Himlische Cantorey : Hedwig Westhoff-Düppmann, soprano / Anja Tilch, soprano / Henning Voss, alto / Henning Kaiser, ténor / Jan Kobow, ténor / Ralf Grobe, basse / Michael Freimuth, luth

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12,50 €

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Label :Ambitus
EAN :4011392968096
Format :CD
Nombre du Support :1
Année édition :1999
Code Prix :UVM010
Date de Sortie :01/09/2017
Compositeur/Artiste Principal :Dowland / Tomkins / Rosseter / Gibbons ...

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John Dowland (1563-1626) : Clear or Cloudy, Flow, my tears, Tell me, true love, Go from my window, Walsingham, All ye, whom love or fortune, Now, o now I needs must part - Thomas Tomkins (1573-1656) : Weep no more thou sorry boy I, Yet again as soon revived II, Come, shepherds, sing with me - Philip Rosseter (1568-1623) : A Galyerd, Unless there were consent - Orlando Gibbons (1583-1625) : The silver swan - Thomas Weelkes (1570-1623) : Thule, the period of cosmography I, The Andalusian merchant II - Thomas Morley (1557-1603) : Will you buy a fine dog ?, Whither away so fast ? - John Ward (1571-1638) : Come, sable night